Years ago when I was looking for an acting coach, I was told by many...."If you want to work, go to Theresa because her actors work."  I'll never forget it.  After over 7 years with Theresa I can say with absolute truth and confidence the statement I heard so long ago holds true!  I've never worked so much and I know it is only because I'm with the best.  She continually challenges me to step outside my comfort zone and make better choices in my acting.  I owe all my success to her.  If you want to be the best actor you can, you owe it to yourself to be with the best coach.  And she is, hands down, the best in Dallas!!!

 ~ April Hartman

Best Actress in a short/ Bare Bones International Film Festival 2016
Best Actress in a short/ Bare Bones International Film Festival 2015
Best Actor/ Lionshead Film Festival 2015
Best Actress/ Fort Worth Indie Film Fest 2014

TBell is a gem of a coach! She has worked with me on just about every project I've worked. Top casting directors continue to call me in repeatedly because of the level of work and essence of character I bring to the audition. I learned to do this from Theresa. She has a way to bring life to the story, the character and the performance of each of her actors. My years at TBell Actors Studio were so fundamental and enriching to my acting career. Theresa is a kind, caring, talented and intelligent woman... all contributing characteristics to her unique gift as a coach and storyteller. She has so much to offer any actor at any level. I highly recommend TBell!

 ~ Tamarah Murley - Green and Green Talent, Los Angeles

American Crime (Co-Star)
Casual - (Co-Star) -  Fred Savage
American Horror Story -  (Co-Star) - Michael Uppendahl
Partners - (Strong Supporting) -  Jesse H. Knight
The Historian -  (Supporting) - Miles Doleac
Spark! - (Lead) - Theresa Bell


I started my acting career at a late stage in life and I had to make up time fast. I am thankful every day to have an acting coach and a friend like Theresa Bell. I studied with other coaches, but never received the willingness from them to take the time to break the scene down, find each beat, help me discover who the characters are, and what substitutions and surroundings work. It didn’t matter if it took twenty minutes or an hour. Theresa gives you the time to understand it and know that there’s no right or wrong choices, just hotter and more interesting ones. Her class is a true in-depth scene study. Don’t take my word for it, come and audit a class for yourself. Thank you for making me who I am today, T.

~ Drew Waters

Friday Night Lights
True Detective

Theresa Bell is one of the most prolific teachers of the art of Acting that I’ve ever known. Believe me, I’ve studied with a few.  More than prolific at her art, she’s also one of the strongest and most interesting people I know and she brings those qualities out in the people she teaches.

Theresa took a young, raw, inexperienced actor, and gave him the tools to be able to carry the lead roles in multiple television shows and movies. She took my abilities from the stone age to space age. ‘TBell' knows what it takes to succeed in this industry, and she cultivates that in her students.   Don’t study with her… unless you’re willing to be the truest form of who you are, and want to be the best that you can possibly be at this thing called Acting.

~ Jack Elliott

Title role in National Geographic Special on Teddy Roosevelt
Title role in the Emmy nominated (2016) mini-series, "Gunslingers, Bat Masterson the Defender of Dodge."
The Rolling Solider


I absolutely love Theresa Bell. From the very first email she sent me, I felt welcome into her studio and her world! 
I observed a class shortly after, and I was left in awe of the caliber of the students that she has trained for years - they are loyal and stay with her for the long haul because she’s that good - and you can just feel the creative energy boiling in the air. It was great!
And every class I’ve been part of since I joined has been no different. All the actors share great camaraderie and support all around, and Theresa is brilliant! She pushes you to do your best work in each and every scene, all with kindness and tremendous sensitivity. 
She can read your thoughts and feelings, I kid you not. Theresa, the Actor-Whisperer!  It’s a safe place to explore and grow, while training in a rock-solid technique that will carry you throughout your career and get your hired and noticed. 
I could not recommend this studio enough. It’s the best part of my week. 
I’ve developed my comedic chops, improv, and dramatic skills as well. I have grown tremendously in the short 6 months I’ve been with her. 
Come observe and class and see for yourself!

~ Luciana Schulle


Words could not begin to describe the positive impact Theresa has had on my life. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones to be able to learn from the best. I started taking her acting classes when I graduated high school.  I then moved away for some time and continued studying acting. I took classes in Miami and New York and through all of my experiences I've realized how special Theresa is. Neither place came close to comparing to TBell Actors Studio. She is extremely passionate about acting and challenges each and every one of us every week. I feel beyond blessed to be one of her students and I am so grateful for everything she has taught me. I love Theresa so much!! On top of being the best acting coach, she is also an amazing artist.

~ Taylor Kelley

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Theresa bell is simply a game changer in Dallas if you are a serious actor looking to hone your craft! She is literally the secret ingredient between the actors that find professions work and the ones who don't.  She invests her time in knowing what would push me to be better than I am.

~ Jason Ivey


Theresa Bell is genuine, supportive, encouraging, professional and a BRILLIANT & INSIGHTFUL ACTING COACH who will guide you to growth. Theresa knows her stuff and she delivers the knowledge in a very engaging way. She's top notch. She will fine-tune your actor's toolbox. Study with her!!  I'm really happy I decided to. As for the studio... TBell Actors Studio is well structured, organized, comfortable, made up of a great supportive community, and is fun. You will enjoy the atmosphere. Theresa Bell and her studio are absolutely admirable. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

~ Gena West

I sought out the TBELL studio because I was told by so many people that Theresa was hands down the best! Theresa exudes so much passion, knowledge, and dedication to the acting craft. There is a reason why so many of her students are working actors. As a side note, when you seek out an agency for representation, if you mention you’re a TBELL student, you’re guaranteed to get signed!

~ Helene Brown


Working with Theresa the past four years has helped my career IMMENSELY!  I’m now booking lead and supporting roles regularly.  Theresa doesn’t just want her students to get better; she wants them to reach their full potential and does so with tough love and support.  She continues to challenge and push me to be the best actor I can be.

~ Robb Hudspeth

Theresa is one of the most intriguing humans I have ever met. Her awareness and attention to detail is very inspiring. Since joining her studio I have been more joyful in my everyday life as I am now working on my dreams and study with someone who is passionate about working with me to achieve them. I learn much more than just the art of acting in her classes and I will forever be grateful I decided to take action and join her studio."

~ Evan Allen


Theresa is absolutely incredible. She exudes an infectious enthusiasm while coaching actors to not only listen to their partners, but to themselves and focus on their individual strengths. Her method of critique is honest, yet raw. Coming to class isn't only about growing my talent, but more sometimes to really open myself up and just be. Thank you so much for consistently re-instilling positivity and creativity within.

~ Chiquita Moses