You’ve taken classes, secured an agent and now it’s time for your first audition!

Being able to perform well in an audition is a talent in itself.  There are many great actors who are known to be terrible at auditions but luckily, producers and directors were able to see them perform in plays and thus, they were able to be cast because they demonstrated that they had what it took.  That being said, being able to give a good audition is still the best way to be cast for a role.

  1. Learn as much as you can about the role you will be auditioning for. 

    There is a Screen Actors Guild rule that ensures that SAG actors must have access to the entire script 24 hours before their audition.  If the project is not SAG, you will not have this luxury.  You can still learn a lot about the project by reading the synopsis of the project and all of the other character breakdowns.   It is also important to do as much research as you can about the filmmakers or tv producers involved.   You will get a better idea about what they are looking for by being familiar with what they have done in the past.  Certain filmmakers and producers have a look, feel, style that they tend to recreate in other work.

  2. Be prepared!  Success comes from confidence and confidence comes from preparation.

  3. Be on time.  You need to show that you are responsible.  Time is money and money is time, don’t waste it.

  4. Be mindful of our wardrobe, hair and makeup.  Ideally, you want to hint at the character but
    not do too much as to be distracting.

  5. Props are usually discouraged unless it is something small like a phone.

  6. Don’t ask questions unless you really do not know the answer.  Casting directors are busy people.

  7. Know how large your frame is.  If the camera is only seeing from mid chest to the top of your head, you mustn’t move around or you will be out of frame.

  8. Do not look directly into the camera.  Normally, there is a reader next to the camera and you will be delivering all of your lines to that person.

  9. Say thank you, be grateful and move onto the next audition.


All of these tips are for auditions done in person.  Many auditions today are done via video.  If your audition is a video audition, follow the directions sent to you from your agent or the casting director.  The most important thing about a video audition is the lighting and the sound.  You have complete control over these elements and if you cannot do this on your own, hire someone, or have a few actor friends that help you in exchange for the same. 


Break a leg!