What Is The Difference Between Film & Stage Acting?

I teach scene study and character analysis with an emphasis on film acting.  I coach many actors with a strong background in theatre and most are aware that there is an enormous difference between the two.  The biggest difference is that in film acting, the actor must try to forget that they have an audience.  Read more.

Can I Be A Working Actor Outside Of LA?

As an acting coach not residing in Los Angeles or New York, I get asked this questions a lot.  First, it’s important to define what “working actor” means to you.  For me, it is an actor who doesn’t have to have one, two,  three,  or more other jobs in order to survive.  Below are some considerations to hopefully help you decide. Read More.

Tips for Acting Auditions For Film or TV

You’ve taken classes, secured an agent and now it’s time for your first audition!

Being able to perform well in an audition is a talent in itself. There are many great actors who are known to be terrible at auditions but luckily, producers and directors were able to see them perform in plays and thus, they were able to be cast because they demonstrated that they had what it took. That being said, being able to give a good audition is still the best way to be cast for a role. Read More.


How To Become An Actor. TBell’s Tips & Advice.

There is a range of reasons that you may be considering acting as a career, however the most important tip for being an actor is to love it. If you don’t love to do it, have the drive to continue when things get tough, and to practice your craft willingly and passionately, acting might not be for you. It’s a tough business and very competitive, however there are quite a few ways to crack into the industry and if you really love it, and have a bit of talent, the sky’s the limit. Read More.