Theresa Bell

Theresa Bell has been in the film business since 1987 when she began her acting career. She received her SAG card from Oliver Stone on Talk Radio and worked with Mr. Stone on two more films. She began her screenwriting career in 1995 and has been recognized in three competitions for three different screenplays; most notably, the first Project Greenlight Contest, which selected her feature-length screenplay, Lullaby, to be in the top 30 out of 7,000 entries. TBell began coaching actors in 2001 and has watched many of them find success; most recently Kamille McCuin stars in the film NOLA Circus which was just accepted into the Cannes Film Festival and Cynthia Santiago had a role in the movie 99 Homes which was an official selection at Sundance. TBell's studio is at South Side on Lamar and she coaches five classes a week. She wrote and produced the short film, Sweetwater, based on one of her full-length feature scripts. Sweetwater was accepted into the Dallas Film Festival and the USA Film Festival in 2004. In 2012, she directed the short film Spark! for the 48 Hour Film Contest in Mississippi. The film earned the honor of best cinematography. Theresa produced, wrote, and directed the short film, Lullaby, based on her feature script in 2015. Watch Lullaby.

A Master Acting Coach

Theresa Bell has coached Dallas' most working actors for the past 18 years.  Anyone can share facts and information, but a Master Coach takes their pupils to the next level. They embody something more. It is Theresa's ability to see each student as an individual, find what it is that sets that pupil apart from the masses, and fine tune their talent, as well as her ability to find their flaws and turn them into gold that sets Theresa apart. She articulates these lessons in a way that is clear and concise and with an energy that cannot help but inspire and motivate. 

Archetypal Acting

Bell's method integrates much of what she learned from notable Hollywood coach Roy London, in addition to the skills she's acquired as a screenwriter. She places an emphasis on being believable, evocative and truthful to the story and the characters involved. These truths are discovered in the realm of the archetypes and the energies/emotions and behaviors they manifest. She helps actors discover what makes them most human and thus, someone to whom the audience can relate.